Sex Trafficking & the Church: The Correlation

A recent study revealed that 50% of the “johns” surveyed reported a religious affiliation.  Men in our local congregations may be the all-American family dad on Sunday, but what are they doing on their lunch hour at work?  What about when the wife and kids go to visit her parents and he has the house to himself?  Is a man who is simply in attendance for church service Sunday mornings any less tempted to take part in adult entertainment than any other man?

Many churches have groups for men who struggle with pornography and other sexual addictions, and pastors routinely cover the topic of sex outside of marriage.  But how many sermons and session topics include purchasing sexual acts?  And does shame and fear ultimately cure – or just curb longings?

Sex trafficking is not just a moral issue, and it most certainly transcends being simply a sin for the devout, or just an issue of sexual perversion.  Our women and children are objectified, neglected and used for temporary pleasure and monetary gains.  Membership of a particular community group or religious affiliation does not guarantee innocence from partaking in the sex industry.  And it does not prevent the women and children that are members as well from falling victim either.

There’s a Reason Churches Need to Talk About Sex Trafficking


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