Understanding the Role of the “Bottom”

A pimp’s bottom is the girl he has put in charge of many responsibilities in the management of the other women under his control, from recruiting to training, to playing friend and counselor.  She has “earned” this title and role by being under his control the longest, by having the best behavior, and being his top earner.  This status is respected within the pimp culture, and it is often fought for amongst the women, with the belief that it will earn them additional love and respect from their abuser.  What it often means is that she will take the fall for the pimp should he be arrested, and she is expected to defend him in court, put money on his books and pay his lawyer, and report back to him on what is going on while he is detained.  She must raise any children they may have together on her own.  And while from the outside, the bottom often appears to be just as nasty and vicious as the pimp she works for, she is a victim nonetheless.  She has experienced the most abuse and degradation, been exploited the longest, and often has proven to be grateful for the least.  She is under her pimp’s complete control, and her loyalty is not swayed, even in the face of life sentences – her belief that her pimp is in the right remains firm.

Pimp Accused of Sex Trafficking Gets 37 Years


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