Free Our Girls is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Colorado.  Founded in 2014 by a human trafficking survivor, we provide several exclusive programs and resources to the nearby communities, and outreach to trafficked women nationwide.  While human trafficking education programs are available through numerous organizations, Free Our Girls is the only organization in the state to offer the Human Trafficking Awareness, Prevention & Response training, which upon completion, trainees received a certification, as our training meets the objectives as outlined by the Department of Homeland Security and includes an individualized prevention and response planning time, as well as unlimited access and consultation time from our organization.

Free Our Girls facilitates an online support forum for parents and families of victims and survivors, a painful service gap nationwide.  Here, individuals are able to ask questions and share stories, and find advice and support for their situation.  The support forum includes guided discussions lead by licensed therapists, and is a safe and confidential place for parents and families.

Free Our Girls is in the process of launching the FLIGHT (Finding Lasting Improvement and Growth through Holistic Transformation) Program for youth and women at-risk and currently being exploited.  Partnering with local city and county probation offices, Free Our Girls has provided the Commercial Sexual Exploitation Screening Indicator (CSESI) for probation officers to use to identify those potentially being trafficked – a screening tool that has not been available previously.  Once identified, individuals can be referred to the FLIGHT Program for a series of workshops, training meetings and support groups to equip them with the skills and knowledge to protect themselves from commercial sexual exploitation.

Free Our Girls is currently in contact with over 700 women nationwide.  We provide a support network to these women, offer encouragement, mentorship, education and local resources as they are needed.  Free Our Girls seeks to engage these women in genuine conversations, develop trust, and maintain relationships with the goal of helping them find their freedom from commercial sexual exploitation.  Each month, we aim to send small gifts to a handful of women, as a gesture of kindness and non-judgmental acceptance.  As a majority of trafficked women do not experience acts of kindness without the person doing so having a selfish ulterior motive, Free Our Girls is able to demonstrate our interest in these women as individuals deserving of a better life.

To support our programs and outreach, please go to www.freeourgirls.org/support.html.  For more information about Free Our Girls’ programs, to host a training for your community group or business, or to have Free Our Girls speak at an event in your city, please visit www.freeourgirls.org or contact us directly at info@freeourgirls.org.


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